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About Us

The Perles Law Firm, P.C. is located in Washington, DC and provides legal services to clients in the areas of international business and commercial law, including import-export issues, litigation and appeals based on international issues, federal relations and legislation, and international natural resources law.


Perles Law Firm, P.C. was founded on the idea that devotion of our expertise, experience, and skills to a narrow and focused range of legal problems would maximize our clients’ satisfaction and the return on their investment in time and money. Thus, the Perles Law Firm, P.C. is highly selective about what kinds of cases it takes.

Our primary goal is to design remedies for complex and unprecedented problems, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on our flexible, creative, “outside-the-box”, pragmatic solutions to our clients’ problems; if their goals can be served with a phone call or a letter, rather than commencing formal legal proceedings, then that is how we proceed. We are not afraid to try new or novel approaches where even the largest firms might simply say, “sorry-it can’t be done.”

Many legal needs in the field of international business and tort law can fall into the considerable overlap between the legislative, executive, and judicial functions of government. We view this nominal “separation of powers” as an opportunity to craft unique remedies for clients whose problems lie in those margins.

We believe that our clients take their businesses as seriously as we take our law practice. Therefore, the Perles Law Firm, P.C. strives to be the best in its focused areas of practice. We do not try to be all things to all clients. And because we are a small firm, we can provide to our clients the superior legal services usually found only at the largest firms-for fees that are among the lowest in our fields of service.


The focus of our practice is the legal problems that arise in the context of international law. A key component of our practice is the establishment of jurisdiction of a US court over problems and transactions that occur overseas. The battle is often to find a way to allow the resolution of the problem to occur in US court, rather than a foreign legal system.

We place a special emphasis on Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Central Africa, and the Central Caucasus and have special capabilities for addressing our clients’ legal needs in these regions.

We have access to, and employ the services of internationally recognized experts in the security and law enforcement fields. These experts are critical for accident reconstruction in our terrorism cases and the corporate risk assessments we perform for international commercial transactions.


In our litigation practice, Steven R. Perles has represented three of the top ten money judgment winning clients in lawsuits filed to redress injuries as the result of state-sponsored terrorism.

The Princz and Flatow cases, described below, illustrate the hallmark of the Perles Law Firm, P.C.: In the Princz v. Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Perles represented an American-Jewish Holocaust survivor who had been denied compensation by the Federal Republic of Germany. The key issue was whether Germany could claim sovereign immunity under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act for its actions during World War II. While the district court agreed with Mr. Perles that Germany had no immunity for its persecution of American Jews in World War II, the appellate court overturned the trial court victory and it seemed that Mr. Princz had lost his Holocaust claim. In Flatow v. Islamic Republic of Iran, Steven R. Perles, the founder of our firm, launched a legal crusade against state-sponsored terrorism. The litigation team won an unprecedented victory at the trial court level, but the success of the trial court victory seemed to be dulled by the harsh obstacles standing in the way of fulfilling a judgment against Iran.

In Princz, after public condemnation by members of Congress and the State Department, Germany paid restitution to Mr. Princz and other American victims of World War II concentration camp detention. In Flatow, support by key members of Congress anchored an effort to pass legislation allowing victims of state-sponsored terrorism with outstanding judgments to apply for compensatory funds from the United States Treasury. These funds were paid against Iranian assets frozen in this country since 1979.

In both cases, Mr. Perles was able to combine legislative resources with the power of public opinion to create a unique remedy for a seemingly hopeless situation.

The Flatow case was the first of many cases brought by various law firms against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Fay and Perles litigation team has obtained two more judgments against the Islamic Republic of Iran with the cumulative value of nearly $1 billion US dollars and played a significant role in the passage of legislation that compensated our clients with money drawn against Iranian assets, frozen in this country since 1979.

Please see Representative Matters section for more details on these and other cases.


Our firm has extensive and highly placed contacts with congressional and administrative agency personnel; with top university academics in the field of international relations and international law; with legal scholars and judicial branch alumni and with expert law enforcement and security public officials and professionals.

When you utilize the Perles Law Firm, P.C. you are well connected to resources at every level and in every branch of government, both across the country and across the globe.